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Couldn’t resist writing this one, now that Jisbon is cannon.

Jane could not find his socks, well wasn’t that brilliant? He needed to wear these socks, he was going to just crack the biggest case ever and he could not find those darn socks, those soft, worn out and comfortable ones given by Lisbon, his Lisbon.

“Lisbon, where are my socks?” 

Jane could hear his partner and wife wading around their kitchen placing the vase on the kitchen table top; which he hated but she insisted on keeping because it was apparently too expensive to throw away even if it was only a marriage gift; and judging by the smell, it was roses that were adorning the vase today.

“Lisbon, I need socks!”

Jane walked into the kitchen barefoot baring the most idiotic grin he could muster. He could see Lisbon putting standing in front of the fridge probably deciding what she could whip up for breakfast so he walked up to her and came up with his best puppy dog face.

“I forgot to add please, didn’t I?”

Lisbon turned to him and he could tell that she was having a hard time keeping a straight face on. 

“Jane, I just did the laundry yesterday and kept three pairs of socks in your drawer. Why are you bringing the house down?”

“Because those pairs are itchy! I need my comfortable ones, your brought them to me.”

Jane could not get over the way his wife folded her hands around her middle and tried giving him a stare down but she did not last more than two minutes. In the end she lifted her hands up in exasperation and released a sigh.

“All right! But after I do that, you are making breakfast.”

It was Jane’s turn to stare at the fridge now as Lisbon started searching for his socks. After Jane got started on their simple breakfast of eggs, she screamed from the living room that she finally found them. Jane sauntered in and saw Lisbon holding up his favorite pair of socks while giving him a *I-can’t-believe-you-are-still-such-a-child-look.* Jane took the socks from her hand.

“Where did you find them?”

“On the couch. Seriously Jane, it’s not believe you didn’t search the couch. You literally lived on this one for six years so it won’t be a stretch to assume that the corners of this couch hide too many things. You are such a kid, why did I ever marry you?”

Jane could not help but smile at that. He looked at his wife, as beautiful as ever and radiating, and brought her in for a kiss. He could feel her heartbeat racing as he slowly kissed her, that heartbeat was everything to him.

“This is why!”

Jane placed another peck on her lips. The eggs were going to burn this way but who cared. He looked at Lisbon in his arms and then saw her expression change.

“It kicked. The baby, it kicked.”


Jane placed his hand on her belly and he could feel the little kick she was talking about. He looked up at Lisbon, ecstatic.

“See Jane? This is what happens when you kiss me like that!”

“Then shouldn’t I be doing that all the time?”

Jane bend down to kiss his wife again and that’s when the smoke detector went on. He had burned the eggs after all!


Supernatural Overdose

Something above the top of my head!

Sam and Dean walked into the diner knife ready and guns blazing. They knew that the entire place was infested with demons and Dean could not wait to get his blade slicing the gut of those filthy sons of bitches. Dean saw his brother slice through a few of them and he launched himself head on to fight with a group of demons thrusting the blade of Cain which felt like an extension of his hand into one, two, three, Ah hell! He lost count. When the last demon fell Dean looked at his brother and felt the power the blade gave him. He was unstoppable and he loved the sight of those demons lying limp. A victory which should be celebrated with pie because honestly fighting a horde of demons made you more hungry than usual.

“Come on, Sammy! I am hungry. Let’s get out of here.”

“Going somewhere, Winchesters?”

Dean inhaled a sharp breath because he knew the voice. It still rang as clear as day in his head. And when the brothers turned around, that’s when the world slipped beneath them. Adam, their half-brother, stood in front of them with a menacing smile and the colour of his eyes gave away to reveal nothing but red. The colour of blood was a veil on his eyes and Dean reacted. Adam was a Knight of Hell, but how was it possible? Knights of Hell were made by Lucifer himself and since his ass went down the fire pit, Abaddon was the only Knight of Hell they encountered. Dean knew that his brother was long gone so he launched himself with the blade of Cain. That was his only choice but his blade never made an impact. When Dean opened his eyes, he was pinned on one of the pillars of the diner with a throbbing in his head which seemed to be turning into an ugly beast. Correction, it already was and so he was scrunched his eyes shut to keep the pain at bay but it only grew worse. When he opened his eyes, he saw Sammy pinned to the pillar opposite him, spurting out a huge pool of blood and that’s when it happened. He groaned in pain as the memories of Hell he had so neatly tucked away came back more clearer than ever mixed with his days in purgatory making it the most horrible nightmare a man could live through. He heard the screams of the souls he tortured, saw himself rip them apart, saw his flesh being cut everyday slowly burning his insides. He was sure that this pain will never stop and that’s when it did. He opened his eyes and saw himself lying on the floor with his back against the pillar, Sammy was lying opposite him slumped against the wall but thankfully not spurting out blood. When he looked towards Adam, he could not take his eyes off. The Knight of Hell was obstructed from his view by a woman in a dress; not even leather but a dark blue floral dress! Her hair was a shade of brown he thought could not exist and even though his brain was malfunctioning after the whole torture session, there was no deceiving his eyes. The woman had radiance around her, she literally freaking glowed. And what happened after that was even more astonishing. She picked up the blade of Cain lying next to one of the chairs in the diner and cut her palm and Adam stayed where he was. He tried moving, heck he even flailed his hands in desperation but he stayed there.

“You bitch! You are not going to get away with this. You kill me and a few more will appear. You cannot stop Abaddon.”

“Oh Adam, I am not going to kill you. I want you to run back to your Mommy and tell her that next time she wants to play dirty, she knows where to find me.”

And with that she placed her palm on Adam’s forehead burning his skin and scorched a Knight of Hell with the only thing remaining of him being a huge burn on the diner floor. And Dean could swear on pie, that she radiated even more. Dean struggled on his feet and started walking towards Sammy only to be beaten by her. And that’s when he saw her and man was she beautiful. The long hair, the pale but radiating skin and deep blue eyes; was that a hint of silver at the rim of her eyes?; Dean was awestruck with his mouth hanging open because he had seen women but all of them would look plain in front of her. He was so dumbfounded that he didn’t even realize that she was talking to him.

“Dean, Hello? Snap out of it Winchester!” It took Dean a literal clap of her hands to come out of his reverie.

“Huh? Oh yea. Sammy, are you okay? Talk to me, Sammy.” And with that he returned his attention to his brother. His brother did not look good. He looked too pale. Dean knew that his body could not sustain any more damage after he barely managed to live from whatever the trails had done to him.

“Sammy, wake up! Dammit, Sammy!”

“He seems to have lost a lot of blood, Dean. Adam twisted open some of his arteries so he seems to be bleeding internally too. I will fix him but we have to transfuse some blood into him. Do you know what his blood group is?”

“Yes; it’s AB positive.”

“Good. There is a blood bank nearby. Show them this and get some blood.”

And with that she handed him an ID card from which her picture popped out against the drab background of a hospital logo. Amanda Stiles, senior surgeon in St. Elizabeth’s hospital. How did a doctor kill a Knight of Hell?

“Dean, go now.”

“Listen, whoever you are. My brother needs a hospital and I not so sure that I can trust you right now. So here, take your batch and let me take Sammy!”

“You will be asked too many questions in a hospital. Trust me.”

And with that she touched Sam’s hands. Dean could not take his eyes off of her as she began to glow and so did Sam. And after his eyes could not take in the light anymore, she stopped and Sam groaned in pain next to him. The colour of his skin came back and the shade of his lips was no longer blue.

“How did you do that? What in the name of freaking God are you?”

Amanda, that’s what her ID said, looked into his eyes, the silver surrounding the blue more visible than ever. But her radiance was gone; she looked exhausted like all her energy had been given up to Sam. And that’s how with laboured breaths did she answer Dean’s question.

“Wow, Dad was right. You guys are dumber than what he gave you both credits for. Sam and Dean Winchester, stop ogling at me before I pop those eyes. My name is Arya Singer, Bobby Singer’s daughter.”


Arrow Drabbles, an arrow fanfic | FanFiction

Abundance of short skirts

Felicity looked at herself in the mirror and she definitely did not like what she saw. The dress was too short and revealing in so many places that she could feel the cold draft sting her. The colour of the dress was a beautiful deep blue which accentuated her skin tone, the length of the dress way above her comfort zone and the plunging neck line which flaunted her assets in an unflattering way. Her hair was tumbling down her shoulders in soft curls with bold makeup adorning her face. Her lips were even more darkly painted than usual with her eye shadow matching the colour of her dress. She definitely looked the part. They had been tracking down a drug ring and finally had success in getting the name of the one who called all the shots in Starling City. When Felicity tracked him down, it turned out that their target, William Fox, was part of many illegal activities including prostitution, assault and kidnapping. So they decided to expose his entire operation but William Fox was a paranoid man. His house was adorned with state of the art security and his bodyguards, two of them to be precise, never left him alone. He was careful in his dealings and never left a digital trace or a paper trail hence Felicity had a hard time finding any dirt on the man. Oliver had become like a growling bear when two weeks passed with no avail so Felicity came up with this plan. William Fox did have a weakness for blondes and every two weeks he would send some of his bodyguards to pick up an escort from the streets. He never preferred the ones from agencies. His bodyguards knew that they had to pick up the prettiest blonde around and their boss will be happy. And that’s how Felicity found herself in that awful dress; looking the part. She looked into the mirror one more time and as she walked towards the rest of them waiting for her in the training room she kept chanting to herself that all she had to do was get in, copy all the files from his computer and get out with Oliver, Digg and Roy right outside the mansion listening in on her every move. She had done this before, she could do it again. When she came into the training room and cleared her throat slightly, all three men turned and looked at her with mouth slightly ajar. Felicity could feel herself turning red. She looked at Oliver and saw that the look of shock had turned into one of anger.

“Hell no; no, no, no. You are not going out in that dress, Felicity. I know I shouldn’t have agreed to this plan in the first place. Look at that dress; it does not even have a back, it’s too short and not to mention the front. No way in hell you are going out in that dress.”

“Oliver, I have to look the part. And we can’t go back on the plan now. We have been planning this for a week now. I can do this.”

Felicity could see Oliver was having a hard time keeping calm. She could see his jaw tick with the anger coursing through his veins. When he spoke, his voice was dangerously close to that of Arrow without the modulator.

“Digg, get some sense into her. I will be waiting outside.”

Felicity saw Oliver leave after giving her a dangerous glance which meant that she won’t be getting a chance to argue on this and this made her angry. Oliver could not always get his way, this was her plan, her mission and she was going to see it through. That’s why when Digg approached her; she cut him off before he could speak a word.

“I am doing this, Digg; with or without you. That man out there deserves to be behind bars. I can’t let him plunger more girls into that world and I won’t.”

“I know, Felicity. I also know that you have done this a lot of times but I seriously have my doubts right now after seeing you in that dress. You go and stand there on the street and it’s going to be a riot. I don’t have the confidence that I can save you from every one of those sleaze bags so imagine how Oliver must be feeling.”

“I will be fine and I promise that I will bring out all those moves that you have taught me if anyone approaches me.”

Felicity placed a kiss on Digg’s cheek and squeezed his hands to assure him that she could do this. She saw Roy looking onto them with a nervous glance and walked up to him.

“Are you sure you have to do this, Barbie? You do know that if something happens, the bear out there will go extra growly.”

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Arrow Drabbles, an arrow fanfic | FanFiction